Thursday, September 13, 2007

Eggs Will Be Eaten

I think of all my current hobbies that I've mentioned on this blog (reading, writing, drama-watching, and fansubbing), I've actually managed to forget mentioning fish keeping. But that's probably it's something that I do myself and at home, without really the need to share it others.

Still, even though I'm by no means professional or even consistent with my fish keeping, they are one my pride-and-joys. I currently have 3 tanks up and running, with a fourth one in the process of being set-up.

The reason that I brought all this up in the first place is because two of my angelfish decided to mate and spawn. There are little brown eggs on the leaves. I don't know if they are actually a pair, though. The male could be sterile. They could be lesbians (and no, it's not uncommon for that to happen).

Either way, though, I'll probably have to wait until the next spawning, because I have a pleco in there. And plecos are liable to eat up the eggs during the night, when the parents sleep. (I totally understand this, since I'm a big egg-eater myself... chicken, duck, goose, ostrich, robin...) The parents are doing a good job guarding it so far, though. Sadly, I don't have a tank setup for angelfish spawning, or I would move them there. Ah, well, we'll see if I can get a good deal somewhere.

On to the pictures (click on them to get the full sized version)...

First, my 55 gallon planted freshwater tank, the tank that I'm most proud of (and therefore maintain most carefully). It has a nice Emperor 400 HOB filter, and a 300W submersible heater. There are 80 watts of fluorescent strip lighting on top, spray painted black to match the tank. The substrate is made especially for plants... but I don't remember its name or the name of the plants, despite that I spent a small fortune on them.

It's actually understocked right now, with 6 angelfish, 11 neon tetras, and 2 swordtails, and a common pleco. I'm getting rid of the malformed angelfish (it's not doing will in my tank anyways), and would be, ideally, moving the mated pair elsewhere for spawning. I've had the pleco for a year already, and the other fish since New Year's.

Anyways, I got the six angelfish altogether at New Year's, like I already mentioned, and now, about 9 months after I got them, they're actually considered adults. They are no where near 6" (the full grown full grown size for angelfish), but there's actually already a mated pair.

Here they are... (From left to right, mated angelfish pair with the eggs on the plant leaf, a closeup of the eggs on the plant leaf, a picture of one of the adults, a picture of the other adult, and a picture of the littlest "disabled" angelfish.)

Then, there's the little 10 gallon tank underneath. It's not nearly as exciting, with only a whisper 10 filter, and not even a heater. There is a betta and two grow-a-frogs in there (frightened into hiding by the betta). It's not really my tank, but I maintain it with the other tanks. If you looked carefully, you can tell that this tank is placed underneath the 55 gallon tank.

Oh, and I mentioned I have a 25 gallon goldfish tank. But it's terribly dirty right now. The water itself is fine, but there is algae growing it. I just need to spend some money on an algae scraper... It's come through snail mail...