Saturday, March 3, 2007

Elemental Desire

Work in progress

Paranormal Romance

Teagan has existed since before he could remember and was quite bored with the blindly moving humans seventy floors below his penthouse. Losana enjoys a comfortable college life... complicated by her survainer magic.

He knows that the legend of the Heart's Desire is only a story. She is beginning to realize that her secret is far more than she has ever imagined.


Anonymous said...

Wow, thus far I absolutely love this story and unless you want the guilt of my suicide on your conscience I suggest you continue. lol, jks. But yeah, really good story, interesting plot and well written and I'd like to see were you go with this.
Oh and just in case you're wondering who exactly this is I'm Edae on fictionpress.


Anonymous said...

This is a extremely interesting story! I cannot wait to see where you decide to take the characters and plot. The world you've created is like nothing I've read about, but it is believable and has depth. You've got me hooked.