Sunday, March 11, 2007

Engagement for Love

a subtitling project

ethidda and carinelay present to you: Engagement for Love. I haven't even seen all of it, so I don't know if it will end well (though I hear it ends well). I'm doing the translating and carine has kindly offered to time. I hope that you will enjoy it. :)

Rules for downloads:

1.) You are welcomed to link to my blog or this page in particular. Also feel free to share the direct download links, but I would appreciate a link back to this site.
2.) You are not allowed to reupload to anything. This includes YouTube. I will only upload the first episode onto YouTube. The rest, if you can only use streaming video, are available on Veoh and Google Video.
3.) Please don't ask when the next episode is going to come out. I don't try to take a long time, but I'm not a subbing robot either.

Most recent episode: Episode 1
(scroll down for all videos and downloading methods)

Online Videos by

Episode 1v2

Raw video from YDY
Translations, timing, encoding, and distributing: ethidda

Bittorrent: D-Addicts Link
DDL: MegaUpload | GigaSize
Streaming: Veoh


DDL: MediaFire

Current Progress:

Episode 2
translations - done!
timing - 50%
<-- Thank you, carinelay!
Final editing and checks... Raw video seems to have issues...