Monday, March 26, 2007

Everything on hold!

Because it's the first day of the new quarter. Because I'm taking the hardcore science classes. Because I'm starting a new job (for which I am totally excited).

Basically everything--the EfL subbing, the fics, and the fanfics--all go on hold because my (real) life is on the go. Profs are crazy, of course, but you'd think that I'd be used to it after having dealt with them for two quarters already. But apparently, I'm not.

Don't worry, though, because I'll probably start working on the projects again next week. EfL subbing won't go nearly as quickly as I (or you, I imagine) would like, but at least it's going. I was offered (and have accepted) help in subbing EfL, too, so it won't be a one person project anymore. :)

In other ways, I've started the first page of the second chapter of Elemental Desire. Don't worry, it wasn't interrupting life, because I was writing it during a lecture to which I had absolutely no need to listen. The last three chapters of Property should be cleaned up and reposted before I leave for the summer, and HP&Nightmares is going to be a duology for sure. Like Magic Underground and Sunrise on a Dragon are both going to be put on the back burner. Especially Sunrise on a Dragon because I tend to write those chapters in an hour or so between classes.


pure princess said...

hello there,
it's have been a while since u been here
r u drop the idea of subbing
EWl or what if u drop plz say it i really want to watch it i had been waiting for u about a year
plz comeback& replay me
Pure Princess

ethidda said...

Hmm, yes, it's been a while. I'm actually working more closely with fansub groups now instead of doing things solo, and don't really have the time or energy to support my own project.

On the other hand, an admin at DRM has shown some interest in doing this project. The odds are that she will pick up the project before I have enough free time to finish it on my own.

pure princess said...

oh really
thank God & thank u
DRM u mean doremii right??
when will they pick up this drama
plz , plz tell me when or tell me when they start it i'll waiting for u
thank u

ethidda said...

Yes, I mean DoReMii, but we've just been talking and playing around with the idea. The story is actually very sucky, which I suspect is part of the reason that the show's never been subbed.

I cannot tell you if they will ever pick it up, or when they will if they do. Just keep an eye out on their blog.

pure princess said...

hello Ethidda ,
a bout EFl project , do u mind if another fansub take it
there is fansub want to take this project over , but this want to know
if u mind or objecting
what u say

ethidda said...

pure princess, regarding this fansub group, any group can start fansubbing the show as they want. I don't own the show, just the progress I've made with subbing it.

If you are asking to continue subbing on ep 2 and releasing it on D-Aas well as some further unreleased progress I've made on the show, then please pm me on d-a. My username is still ethidda.