Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Engagement for Love episode 1 is (almost) out!

It's official: I'm doing this series and it's going to be in hardsubs. I reencoded the video from rmvb and made it 100mb smaller (oops?) but it looks fine to me. But I didn't watch the whole episode (again) either.

I know that there are some parts that are kind of glitch-y, but hey, first try and all that. I'm sure it'll get better with practice. (And if you really have a problem with it, don't watch it.

Also, I'm posting up torrents (at d-addicts), direct download links, and streaming sites. So, I hope you can all watch it. This also means I don't want anybody stealing my things! If somebody steals (and I will find out because these things are made very public), I will stop posting up links. You are, of course, welcome to link to my blog or any page in my blog.

Click here for downloading links


Anonymous said...

are you still subbing this series? please please do! it' sooo good!